Thanks to the opening of the Internet into homes around the World, fans of games like the lottery have plenty of opportunities to earn some money while having fun having a great time and enjoying their favorite sport. No wonder, therefore, that the online lottery has opened up a relevant gap in many internet gaming websites.

What is an online lottery?

The online lottery has been increasing its popularity in recent years because of its great comfort. People had never before had the chance to play the lottery at any time and from anywhere. With just one internet connection, anyone can play the lottery and become a millionaire without even leaving home.

The most popular lottery types can be divided into two. The first is played on websites that hold their lottery draws. In them, you can bet they extracted the combination of numbers. The other type is a website that offers lottery tickets from different lotteries in the world,, and players can gamble using it as an intermediary. However, it is not the website itself that provides winning combinations, but the real lottery provider.

How to play the online lottery?

The first thing we have to do is decide which lottery game we want to play. In most of the websites that offer lottery online, the games and the registration process are very similar, so we only have to select the ones you like best and register to start playing.

The next step is to choose our combination of numbers. We can do this from a menu or interface offered by the betting house’s website. That’s where we’re going to select the ticket numbers we want to buy. We can choose them ourselves manually or ask the system to select them automatically for us.

In some online lottery pages, we can also find groups or peñas in which all members contribute to buy tickets and share the benefits. This option increases our chances of winning prizes, but obviously also decreases their amount.

Now we only have to buy our ticket or participation and pay it using any of the payment methods available on the website.

Can I buy the lottery online in the US?

There are multiple internet pages dedicated to the sale of international online lottery tickets, and this includes American lotteries as popular as Powerball. Although the usual lottery player traditionally only bought tickets in his own country, the popularization of many international lottery games and from different countries such as Eurojackpot or Mega Millions has caused a veritable explosion of online lottery websites that offer their services worldwide.

These lottery websites are usually based in countries such as Gibraltar or Malta, and allow us to access the best online lottery in the United States and other countries from anywhere on the planet.

Where to buy online lottery in the USA?

The international online lottery website market continues to grow, but we must always look for names that offer us a safe and prestigious gaming environment. Currently, pages such as the lottery, trillions, big lotteries, or lotto attract the most demanding lottery players with Special Offers and access to the most famous lotteries in the world, including U.S. lotteries.

How big are the lottery prizes?

When we play the online lottery, we can find prizes of all sizes imaginable. From 150,500,000 euros in the SuperEnaLotto to 25,000,000 euros in the EuroMillions, there are as many great prizes as lotteries.

But apart from the main prizes, there are a lot of minor and intermediate awards that are most likely to win, so even though we all dream of taking the jackpot, these smaller prizes are always a joy for the player.

Stories of people who won the lottery

Although we find it very difficult to get a big prize, the truth is that every year there are shocking stories about people who have achieved their dream of winning the lottery.

A particularly beautiful story is that of Neal Wanless, who won a $ 38.5 million pot at the Powerball in 2009, only 23 years old. Thanks to this stroke of luck, Neal was able to pay off all his debts and keep his ranch in South Dakota running. Not bad, considering he only invested $ 5 in his ticket!

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