Sporting clays is a shotgun event in which the targets are clay pigeons. The shooter fires from different ‘stations’ where the targets are launched, two at a time, from varied angles and directions. The manner in which the targets are presented simulates what a hunter encounters when seeking upland birds, waterfowl and even rabbits.

At the Park, we hold Sporting Clays events on the second and fourth Saturday of each month beginning in May and ending on the fourth Saturday in September. Registration is at 8:30 and we start shooting at 9:00. Our clays course has ten stations and there are a total of ten targets to be engaged at each one. A ‘round’ of Sporting Clays consists of 100 targets. There are actually twelve stations on our range but we change the layout each time and leave out two. That way we can easily change the course each time we shoot.

Some of our regulars only shoot for the fun of the game. Others see it as a way to improve their hunting skills. Either way, it’s always fun and challenging. You will see folks with shotguns specifically designed for shooting clay pigeons and others using their hunting guns. All ages participate and we especially welcome youngsters. New shooters can be assured of plenty of help from the experienced shooters. Safety is the most important consideration followed by skill building.


1. Eye and ear protection are required at all times

2. All shotguns are to remain unloaded, with the actions open, until the shooter is in the shooting cage

3. No shot larger than #7 ½ is allowed on the range

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